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Ideal for children in Yr 1, Yr 2 or Reception

(once confident with Phase 2 sounds)


Our Big Adventurers videos cover all the 37 Phase 3 and Phase 5 digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. Sounds are taught using a fun and active multi-sensory approach. Children are given the tools to blend and segment using unique, playful and digestible techniques.


Most importantly this course is intended to build children's phonics knowledge and support them in becoming confident and motivated readers.


On top of meeting Department of Education phonics criteria, all of our sessions develop communication and language skills, physical development and drama and role play experience.


The Big Adventurers videos have been carefully developed to support children with preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.


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  • 1

    EPISODE 1: We learn the 'Sh' sound (Plus bonus split digraph episode!)

    • Episode 1 for 4-7 year olds: Rescue the 'sh' sound in Phonics Land

    • Bonus Session: We learn the split digraph: a-e

  • 2

    EPISODE 2: We meet the 'Ch' sound

    • Rescue 'ch' from the runaway train!

    • An introduction to phonics (for grown ups)

  • 3

    EPISODE 3: We meet the 'th' sound

    • Rescue 'th' from the cheeky Blender Blaster!

  • 4

    EPISODE 4: We meet the 'ng' sound

    • Sing with ng!

  • 5

    EPISODE 5: We meet the 'qu' sound

    • Rescue Queen 'qu' from the Blender Blaster!

  • 6

    EPISODE 6: We meet the 'ph' sound

    • Ph have flown so high they need our help!

  • 7

    EPISODE 7: We meet the 'wh' sound

    • Spin the wh, wh, wheel!

  • 8

    EPISODE 8: We learn the 'ai' sound

    • ai love playing in the rain!

  • 9

    EPISODE 9: We learn the 'ay' sound

    • Don't play all day!

  • 10

    EPISODE 10: We learn the 'ee' sound

    • The ee twins are so excited!

  • 11

    EPISODE 11: We learn the 'ea' sound

    • ea love to eat!

  • 12

    EPISODE 12: We learn the 'oa' sound

    • Help oa with their worries...

  • 13

    EPISODE 13: We learn the 'ow' sound

    • Howl at the moon with ow!

  • 14

    EPISODE 14: We learn the 'oe' sound

    • Let's do some toe gymnastics!

  • 15

    EPISODE 15: We learn the 'igh' sound

    • igh fight over the duvet cover!

  • 16

    EPISODE 16: We learn the 'ie' sound

    • ie ie captain!

  • 17

    EPISODE 17: We learn the 'e-e' split digraph sound (PLUS the a-e split digraph video too)

    • We learn the split digraph: e-e

    • We learn the split digraph: a-e

  • 18

    EPISODE 18: We learn the 'i-e' sound

    • We learn the split digraph: i-e

  • 19

    EPISODE 19: We learn the 'o-e' sound

    • We learn the split digraph: o-e

  • 20

    EPISODE 20: We learn the 'u-e' sound

    • We learn the split digraph: u-e

  • 21

    EPISODE 21: We learn the 'oo' sound

    • 'oo' are the nosiest sound in Phonics Land!

  • 22

    EPISODE 22: We learn the 'ou' sound

    • Help 'ou' to use kind hands...

  • 23

    EPISODE 23: We learn the 'or' sound

    • Speak alien language with 'or'

  • 24

    EPISODE 24: We learn the 'aw' sound

    • 'aw' have the softest paws!

  • 25

    EPISODE 25: We learn the 'au' sound

    • Help the famous authors write a story...

  • 26

    EPISODE 26: We learn the 'ur' sound

    • Help 'ur' with their map reading!

  • 27

    EPISODE 27: We learn the 'ir' sound

    • Twirl with 'ir'

  • 28

    EPISODE 28: We learn the 'er' sound

    • 'er' won't eat anything the Phonics Land chef cooks!

  • 29

    EPISODE 29: We learn the 'ue' sound

    • 'ue' like to tell everyone what to do!

  • 30

    EPISODE 30: We learn the 'ew' sound

    • Make some gruesome witches stew with 'ew'!

  • 31

    EPISODE 31: We learn the 'oi' sound

    • 'oi' are being very cheeky in Phonics Land

  • 32

    EPISODE 32: We learn the 'oy' sound

    • Dive into the toy box with 'oy'

  • 33

    EPISODE 33: We learn the 'ar' sound

    • 'ar' think that everything is cute!

  • 34

    EPISODE 34: We learn the 'air' sound

    • Breathe fresh air with the 'air' trigraph

  • 35

    EPISODE 35: We learn the 'ear' sound

    • Join the secret ear club!

  • 36

    EPISODE 36: We learn the 'ure' sound

    • Meet the phonics Land monsters...'ure'!