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Perfect to help preschoolers prepare for big school, as well children already in Reception and those just starting their phonics journey.

Each video teaches a new phase 2 Phonics Sound

This course provides an exciting introduction to all Phase 2 sounds. Children will learn Phase 2 letter/sound correspondences in a memorable, fun and interactive style. The sessions also cover letter formation as well lots of fun blending and segmenting.


On top of meeting Department of Education phonics criteria, our videos are designed to encourage a love of letters, words and stories, whilst also building confidence in all things phonics - ready to move on to the digraphs and trigraphs of Phase 3!

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  • 1

    EPISODE 1: We learn the 'a' sound (Plus bonus episode: 'k')

    • Save 'a' from the apple tree!

    • Bonus Episode: Kick the ball with 'k' in Phonics Land!

  • 2

    EPISODE 2: Meet the 't' sound

    • Tiptoe with 't'

    • An introduction to phonics (for grown ups)

  • 3

    EPISODE 3: We learn the 's' sound

    • Slither with 's'

    • An Introduction to Phonics (for grown ups)

  • 4

    EPISODE 4: We learn the 'p' sound

    • Pop with 'p'

  • 5

    EPISODE 5: We meet the 'i' sound

    • Meet i and her itchy dot!

  • 6

    EPISODE 6: Meet 'n'

    • Ride on the motorbike with 'n'

  • 7

    EPISODE 7: Meet 'm'

    • Quick all aboard the sound train...'m' wants a word pie!

  • 8

    EPISODE 8: We learn the 'd' sound

    • Let's go to Phonics Land to meet 'd' the dinosaur!

  • 9

    EPISODE 9: We learn the 'g' sound

    • Let's g, g, g, g GO!

  • 10

    EPISODE 10: Meet: c

    • Oh no! 'c' has forgotten how to curl!

  • 11

    EPISODE 11: Meet the 'o' sound

    • o loves making circles...

  • 12

    EPISODE 12: Meet the 'e' sound

    • e loves to e, e, exercise!

  • 13

    EPISODE 13: Meet the 'u' sound

    • Help little 'u' reach up to the top cupboard!

  • 14

    EPISODE 14: Meet the 'r' sound

    • Rescue 'r' from the cheeky Sound Catcher

  • 15

    EPISODE 15: We learn the 'h' sound

    • Happy birthday 'h'!

  • 16

    EPISODE 16: Let's meet the 'b' sound

    • Save 'b' from the cheeky Sound Catcher!

  • 17

    EPISODE 17: We learn the 'f' sound

    • Fly with 'f' in the golden skies of Phonics Land!

  • 18

    EPISODE 18: We learn the 'l' sound

    • 'l' loves to sing!

  • 19

    EPISODE 19: We meet the 'k' sound

    • Kick the ball with 'k' in Phonics Land!

    • Oh no! 'ck' keep pushing in the line...we need to teach them to line up nicely.

  • 20

    EPISODE 20: We meet the 'j' sound

    • Help 'j' jump to catch her dot!

  • 21

    EPISODE 21: We meet the 'v' sound

    • Glide in the sky with 'v'

  • 22

    EPISODE 22: We learn the 'w' sound

    • Wake up 'w'!

  • 23

    EPISODE 23: We meet the ' x' sound

    • Explode with 'x'!

  • 24

    EPISODE 24: We meet the 'y' sound

    • Help 'y' with her tail!

  • 25

    EPISODE 25: We meet the 'z' sound

    • Meet 'z' and the 'zz' twins!

  • 26

    Episode 26: Meet the twins... ss, ll and ff!

    • Meet the twins... 'ss', 'll' and 'ff'!

  • 27

    Episode 27: Meet the 'ck' digraph

    • Oh no! 'ck' keep pushing in the line...we need to teach them to line up nicely.