We don’t want learning to feel like ‘learning’ in the traditional sense.

Young children have a sophisticated understanding of storytelling and a thirst for humour, slapstick and adventure. Sammy Sounds meets those desires, plus the fantasy element fuels the imagination. This combination means learning happens naturally and brings a great deal of fun and joy. 

I'm Emmy, the Founder of Play Phonics with Sammy Sounds. As a child, I can remember learning to read and write as being a big struggle, I didn’t thrive in the traditional learning setting. That’s part of what drives my passion for phonics learning and Play Phonics with Sammy Sounds. Our aim is to get every child reading confidently and joyfully.

Play Phonics has helped over 10,000 children develop a love of reading and writing. After seven years running phonics workshops in schools and nurseries, I’ve watched children’s learning abilities open up when their imaginations are ignited and they’re having fun. I want to bring this type of learning into homes as well through our Sammy Sounds video subscription.

Parents have told us of children playing Sammy Sounds long after the videos finish each week, whether it’s playing Sammy Sounds in the bath, going on Phonics Land adventures in their gardens, or seeing the Golden Sky in the park.