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Sammy Sounds brings slapstick and adventure to learning in your living room!

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We are passionate about getting every child reading confidently and joyfully.

Sammy Sounds videos will give your little one the tools to blend and segment sounds, igniting a confidence and joy for reading and writing that will last a lifetime.

Each video is jam-packed with stories, songs and games to ensure sounds are unforgettable.


We’ll send you a new video each week, focusing on a new phonics sound that follows the national phonics curriculum.

Videos are available on demand and can be watched on repeat… which might come in handy as many parents tell us Sammy Sounds is requested more often than Paw Patrol!

We are very proud of our amazing feedback...

Children across the world have been enjoying learning phonics with Sammy Sounds

I’ve never seen her interact with a video like this.

by Conor MH (parent)

"My daughter (and me!) are watching your video now, and I’ve never seen her interact with a video like this. She’s loving it! Thanks so much for making these."

The development was astounding

Samantha Slater-Lewin

"The development was astounding...it has blown me away...it really has made such a difference in a short space of time. Keep doing what you are doing as it is clearly working."

The best reason to use these sessions is the impact it has on your children

by Sanjay Morzaria, Nursery Manager (Outstanding Provider)

"If you are looking for an activity that is high octane, massive fun and has a measurable impact on your children, Play Phonics is it.”

Brilliant class!

by Clare Ronai (parent)

"Very imaginative, brilliant class that taught my 3 year old daughter skills she can take straight into the classroom"

Everything to do with their phonics improved

Teacher (Linton Mead Primary)

"100% perfect...absolutely everything to do with their phonics improved."

She joined in all the songs and all the actions, it was just brilliant

by Laura Johnson (parent)

"She probably needs much more in the way of mental stimulation each day than I’m capable of giving her right now. She threw herself into the class, joined in all the songs and all the actions, it was just brilliant."

You are amazing!

by Kirsty Holt (parnet)

"He’s now been sat there the entire time watching with a cheesy grin on his face joining in! You really have made his morning, which in turn has made mine. You are amazing!"


by Victoria Turner

"Our son LOVED it so much that he insisted on watching it through a second time straightaway."

So helpful

By Katie Guggenheim (parent)

"Yves was delighted and it was so helpful with our attempts to help Yves with his phonics learning. We’re really looking forward to the next episode."

My daughter’s language exploded

by Rebeka Carey (parent)

"I couldn’t believe how my daughter’s language exploded after just one session. Sammy Sounds takes you on an adventure, experimenting with different sounds and rhythm - it’s really fun. I highly recommend!"

Sammy Sounds provides children with much needed ESCAPISM, whilst delivering high QUALITY, EDUCATIONAL content.

With the current challenges facing the world, families are dealing with the huge pressure of home educating their children. Sammy Sounds is here to help with all things phonics!

Hassle free phonics help for grown ups!

Getting to grips with phonics can be mind boggling for grown-ups and children. Our grown-ups guide has easy tips and fun games to bring phonics to life at home.

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On-demand and interactive phonics videos