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‘Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success’

(The Department for Education’s recent Reading Framework – Teaching the Foundations of Literacy)

So, we don’t just want children to learn to read, we want them to fall in LOVE with reading and everything about it. Sammy Sounds does this by using unique techniques that inject joy and imagination into the process – it is easy to get so caught up in the technicalities of learning to read that the purpose is lost. Which is why we believe imagination, adventure and storytelling must be at the heart of learning to read.

Active learning and participation is a key driving force in Sammy Sounds.

As pointed out by the Department for Children Schools and Families, research shows that “Young children are not passive learners – they enjoy participating in ‘hands-on’ and ‘brains-on’ activities...Laughter, fun, and enjoyment...are the best contexts for learning”. Which is why Sammy Sounds demands constant involvement and why laughter is at the heart of our adventures.

Sammy Sounds brings slapstick and adventure to learning in your living room!

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We are passionate about getting every child reading confidently and joyfully.

Sammy Sounds videos will give your little one the tools to blend and segment sounds, igniting a confidence and joy for reading and writing that will last a lifetime.

Each video is jam-packed with stories, songs and games to ensure sounds are unforgettable.


We’ll send you a new video each week, focusing on a new phonics sound that follows the national phonics curriculum.

Videos are available on demand and can be watched on repeat… which might come in handy as many parents tell us Sammy Sounds is requested more often than Paw Patrol!

Hi, I'm Emmy

I'm the creator of Sammy Sounds and I am an expert in making learning to read joyful and effortless for both children and their grown-ups (we’ve all experienced the learning to read meltdown, and trust me nobody wants to go through that more than once!) I honestly believe that learning to read can be a fun, pressure free and effortless process, avoiding any negative associations with reading! Sammy Sounds is here to make that a reality for your child, whilst nurturing imagination and boosting speech and language development along the way.

We are proud of the huge impact that we have made to children’s reading abilities.

Nothing makes us happier than when a parent contacts us to say that their child is no longer struggling to read because Sammy Sounds has turned things around and their little one is now a happy, confident reader.

This is a fantastic programme.

Gillian, parent

“Sammy is so engaging and entertaining. After just a few episodes I was seeing a huge difference in my 4 year old son’s ability to name sounds and to blend words."

The development was astounding

Samantha Slater-Lewin

"The development was astounding...it has blown me away...it really has made such a difference in a short space of time. Keep doing what you are doing as it is clearly working."

Absolutely love this phonics programme!

Bunge, parent

It's my son's favourite activity during the week. It's so interactive, and explains the more complicated aspects of the English language in a way that children can really grasp whilst having so much fun....Feeling blessed, and would totally recommend this package!

I can't tell you how much I recommend Play Phonics!

Phoebe, parent

My daughter (4) and I have our subscription for months now and it's become part of our weekly routine and she loves it. My daughter struggles to sit still and focus on things like phonics practise and the way Sammy sounds videos work are so interactive and fun that it never feels like learning but just having fun with Sammy. Just try it and watch how much your child loves it, you won't regret it (you also might get a cup of tea in peace)!

We love you Sammy!

Bryony, parent

She was engaged throughout - answered all Sammy's questions and enthusiastically joined in! It is great to reinforce what she's now learning at school (she's just started reception). Highly recommend! We love you Sammy!

She joined in all the songs and all the actions, it was just brilliant

by Laura Johnson (parent)

"She threw herself into the class, joined in all the songs and all the actions, it was just brilliant."

I cannot recommend this programme enough.

Claire, parent

"I cannot recommend this programme enough.I wish I had found it much earlier, my little boy has slower leaning progress when it comes to phonics, but not when he uses Sammy Sounds."

My daughter’s language exploded

by Rebeka Carey (parent)

"I couldn’t believe how my daughter’s language exploded after just one session. Sammy Sounds takes you on an adventure, experimenting with different sounds and rhythm - it’s really fun. I highly recommend!"


by Victoria Turner

"Our son LOVED it so much that he insisted on watching it through a second time straightaway."

So helpful

By Katie Guggenheim (parent)

"Yves was delighted and it was so helpful with our attempts to help Yves with his phonics learning. We’re really looking forward to the next episode."

Hassle free phonics help for grown ups!

Getting to grips with phonics can be mind boggling for grown-ups and children. Our grown-ups guide has easy tips and fun games to bring phonics to life at home.

Phase 2

Ideal for children in Preschool or Reception

Perfect to help preschoolers prepare for big school, as well children already in Reception and those just starting their phonics journey. Provides an exciting, fun-packed introduction to all Phase 2 sounds as well as blending and segmenting.

Phase 3 - 5 Phonics

Ideal for children in Yr 1, Yr 2 or Reception (once confident with Phase 2 sounds).

Our Big Adventurers videos cover all the 37 Phase 3 and Phase 5 digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. Sounds are taught using a fun and active multi-sensory approach. Children are given the tools to blend and segment using unique, playful and digestible techniques.

Phase 1 Phonics

Our Dinky Adventurers videos work wonders for 2-3 year olds!

Sessions develop phonological awareness as well as speech and language skills. The sessions are designed to create a secure grounding for children to move on to Phase 2 as and when they are ready.